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testo 925 / 922 thermometer
for fast measurements of air, surface and liquid temperatures.

Price List (pdf, 40 kB)

Favourable and robust high speed thermometer (testo 925)
or differential thermometer (testo 922).

Ideal for rough applications.
Large, illuminated, easy-to-read LCD display.
An audible alarm sounds if limit values are exceeded.
Max/min data are displayed.

Extensive probe assortment available,
for example: wireless probes for measurements transmission by radio.

Technical data:

Connection type: 
K (NiCr-Ni)

Measurement range:
testo 925: -50 °C - +1.000 °C
testp 922: -58 °C - +1.832 °C 

±0,7 °C and ±0,5 % of reading 

0,1 °C (from 200 °C = 1 °C)

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