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DeFelsko PosiTest AT Manual
Hydraulic adhesion tester with digital display
according to ISO 4624

Brochure (pdf, 4697 kB)
Price List (pdf, 254 kB)

The PosiTest® AT pull-off adhesion tester measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from the substrate using hydraulic pressure.

The pressure is displayed in psi or MPa on a precision digital indicator and consequently a statement of the adhesion according to the substrate could be made.

Additional this model has a pull rate indicator which allows operator to easily monitor and adjust the rate of pull in accordance with international test methods.

Self-aligning feature:
The PosiTest® AT adhesion tester compensates unevenness. This uniquely spherical articulating dolly head is engaged into a ring of small ball vearings, ensuring correct alignment. This feature is found only on the PosiTest® AT adhesion tester.

  • Accessory kit 50 mm - adapter for 50 mm dollies for e.g. concrete
  • PosiSoft Software for download to PC
  • Drilling template for thicker coatings
  • NEW: Pelican case upgrade (heavy duty, waterproof - instead of regular case)
  • 2 NEW models available: AT Manual-50T for Cementious Adhesives for tiles  and AT Manual-50C for Concrete surfaces & overlays

Available Models:

PosiTest AT Manual-20
Measuring Range: 0,7 - 24 MPa (20 mm Dolly)

PosiTest AT Manual-50
Measuring Range: 0,4 - 3,8 MPa (50 mm Dolly)

PosiTest AT Manual-50T NEW
Measuring Range: 0,4 - 2,585 MPa (50x50 mm plate)

PosiTest AT Manual-50C  NEW
Measuring Range: 0,4 - 3,3 MPa (50 mm Dolly)

All models feature a Resolution of ± 0,01 MPa and an Accuracy of ± 1%

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