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destructive measurement on all substrates
according to DIN 50 986 / ISO 2808

Price List (pdf, 322 kB)

The SuperPIG measures the coating thickness of dry coatings destuctively on plane and hard substrates as wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc.
Using the integrated blade a cut through the coating to the substrate is performed.
Through this sphenoid cut the coating system is visible.
With the integrated microscope the coating system can be observed and by using the scale the coating thickness can be determined.

Conforms to DIN EN ISO 19399 and DIN EN ISO 2808

Measuring range: 2 - 1.800 µm

Delivery inclusive:
Complete instrument inclusive:
three blades (No. 1/2/4), battery, black marker and leather pouch with belt clip

Super PIG
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