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Testex roughness testing instrument
According to ISO 8503-5 / ASTM D4417 / NACE / SSPC

Price List (pdf, 392 kB)

This measuring gage is used for the determination of roughness like blasted surfaces.

The replica film is placed at the surface and is rubbed on with light pressure.

The profile is during this copied at the film and can now be measured by the help of the micrometer clock.

The result is comparable with the roughness parameter Rz.

Press-O-Fim Kit, delivery inclusive:
  • Micrometer clock (metric)
  • 1 roll replica film Coarse and X-Coarse
  • Rubbing tool
Spare replica film (roll with each 50 measuring points):
  • Coarse 20 - 60 µm
  • Paint 32 - 85 µm
  • X-Coarse 35 - 115 µm
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