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DeFelsko PosiTector DPM
professional measuring gage for climatic parameters
ideal for corrosion protection according to ISO 8502-4

Brochure (pdf, 1802 kB)
Prijslijst (pdf, 270 kB)

The PosiTector® DPM is indispensable for outdoor corrosion protection works. It measures and records the following climatic parameters:

  • Air temperature (Ta)
  • Surface temperature (Ts)
  • Relative humidity (rH)
  • Dew point temperature (Td)
  • Difference between Ts and Td (∆)

The PosiTector DPM has an internal memory for 2.500 datasets in up to 100 batches. It is equipped with USB and IR comport. 
The convenient Flip-Display-Function enables an optimal handling and perfect visibility of the display in any position.

The large, backlit LCD-display shows all relevant information.
Even a graphical representation of each parameter is possible.

with Infrared Surface Temperature Sensor

  • Includes the ambient temperature, surface temperature humidity sensors from DPM Integral Probe 
  • Built-in infrared Surface Temperature Sensor

NEW PosiTector DPMA
Integral Probe with Wind Speed Sensor

  • Includes built-in (integral) air temperature, humidity sensor and surface temperature sensor 
  • Also measures air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed while in anemometer mode
  • Auto-rotating display for inverted use
  • Choice of wind speed measurement units: m/s, km/h, mph, ft/s, ft/m, knots
  • Wind speed accuracy: +/-3%

NEW PosiTector DPMD
Cabled Probe with ½" NPT  Threads

  • Includes built-in air temperature and humidity sensor (measures dew point, humidity and air temperature only)
  • ½" NPT threads for insertion into tanks and pipes (max 200 psi/1.3 MPa)
  • Sintered aluminum housing protects sensors

The PosiTector DPM is the ideal tool for measuring environmental parameters on the job site, paint shop, or manufacturing floor. In addition to its capability as a handheld instrument, the innovative Auto Log feature can also be used to:

  • Monitor and record climatic conditions over time
  • Upload readings to the cloud-based website after each measurement*
  • Send email alerts when readings exceed pre-defined parameters*
  • Upload readings to an FTP server, for integration with third party software*
      *requires an internet connection

NEW Enhanced Auto Log Feature

  • Create new batches at daily, weekly or monthly intervals to better organize measurements
  • Each reading can be uploaded via WiFi to or an FTP site for integration with third party software
  • View environmental conditions from multiple PosiTector DPMs at different locations using
  • Records environmental parameters at user-selected time intervals, turning off between measurements to provide up to 8 months of battery life

NEW Enhanced Alarm Feature

  • Receive email alerts when environmental conditions exceed user-defined limits for any parameter (Requires WiFi connection)


  • Surface kit with magnetic temperature probe, PosiSoft and rubber holster with magnets (ideal for hands-free recording and unattended logging during the work shift and overnight).
  • PosiSoft-Software for data download to PC.
  • IR thermo printer for direct printout

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