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DeFelsko PosiTector 6000
coating thickness gage for metal substrates
according to ISO 2178 / 2360 / 2808 and prEN ISO 19840

Brochure (pdf, 1779 kB)
Price List (pdf, 313 kB)


Coating thickness gages for ALL Metal Substrates

Rugged, fully electronic coating thickness gages use magnetic and eddy current principles to measure coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, accurately and quickly.

All gages have a durable casing with a large and easy-to-read color LCD display.
Available as models with built-in probe or separate probe.
Measuring range of regular probe: 0 – 1,500 μm. Special probes for thicker coatings of up
to 6 mm or 13 mm and micro probes for small parts and hard-to-reach areas available.

Following models are available:

F Model webshop For non magnetic coatings (for example: paint or chrome) on ferrous
metals (steel, iron)

N Model webshop For non-conductive coatings (for example: paint, varnish and anodizing)
on non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper etc.)

FN Model webshop Combination of F and N models.
Coatings on all metals will be measured with one probe. These intelligent and
durable gages automatically recognize the substrate, this avoids handling errors.

NEW FNDS Probe webshop available!
Measures and displays the individual layer thicknesses of zinc and paint
in a duplex coating system with a single reading

The models of the 6000 series can be ordered as either STANDARD (1) or
ADVANCED (3) model.

The PosiTector 6000 Advanced (3) features a color LCD-display and Bluetooth® Wireless Technology for immediate data transfer of readings to your PC or other Bluetooth® compatible data collection device.


Bluetooth Thermoprinter for PosiTector® Advanced

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