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Wet Film Thickness Wheel Comb WGW-1
Wet Film Thickness Wheel Comb
conform to ISO 2808-7B

Price List (pdf, 273 kB)

Coating Thickness Gage for all kinds of fluid (wet) coatings.
Can be used on convex and concave shaped surfaces.
Ideal for measureing thin coatings on uneven areas e.g. woodcoatings.

Range: 20 - 420 µm

Scale range 1  (20 - 75 µm): 5µm
Scale range 2  (80 - 190 µm): 10 µm
Scale range 3  (200 - 420 µm): 20 µm

Material: stainless steel, high precision laser cut

Tolerance: 2 µm and 1%

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