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CC 1000 cross cut tester
(Models with 6 respectively 11 blades and 1 cutting edge)
For the evaluation of adhesion of coatings - according to ISO 2409

Price List (pdf, 166 kB)

Inexpensive cross cut tester with flexible test head.
Combines the features of model CC 3000 with an inexpensive 1 cutting edge knife. 
Ideal for non-frequent use.

Available models:

CC 1000-1:
6 blades, 1 mm blade distance according to DIN / EN / ISO

CC 1000-2:
6 blades, 2 mm blade distance according to DIN / EN / ISO and ASTM

CC 1000-3:
6 blades, 3 mm blade distance according to DIN / EN / ISO

CC 1000-1.0:
11 blades, 1 mm blade distance according to ASTM

CC 1000-1.5:
11 blades , 1.5 mm blade distance according to DaimlerChrysler Standard

We also certify unused CC1000 and CC3000 blades with our video-microscope at extra charge.  

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