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DeFelsko PosiTector UTG / ME
Multi echo ultrasonic wall thickness gauge

Brochure (pdf, 1558 kB)
Price List (pdf, 246 kB)

UTG ME features Thru-Paint capability to quickly and accurately measure the metal thickness of a painted structure without having to remove the coating. The most accurate method to measure remaining wall thickness of a painted structure because it automatically disregards the coating, lowering inspection time and expense. Also ideal for measuring on sandblasted materials or other applications requiring a mor durable wear face.

Toggle easily between: 

MultiEcho – mode to eliminate coating thickness and
SingleEcho – mode to detect pits and flaws, and to increase the measurement range

Special features:
Internal memory for up to 10.000 readings in 1.000 batches
Pre-set of variable limits including optical and acoustical warning when limit is exceeded
USB- and IR port (software or printer optional available)

1,00 - 125,00 mm - SE mode
2,50 - 60,00 mm  - ME mode

Accuracy: 0,03 mm

PosiSoft for data transfer to a PC
IR thermo printer for direct print out
Calibration step block

PosiTector bodies accept all 6000, 200, UTG, SPG and RTR probes!


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