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Phantom QD Proofing System

Brochure (pdf, 1154 kB)
Prijslijst (pdf, 124 kB)

Simply clip the substrate to the QD™ table. Position the roller bearing guided carriage at the start position, tilt load the proofing handle assembly in the quick alignment clamps

Easily add your ink of choice between the anilox and doctor blade and draw down consistent proofs without variations in operator loading pressure!

The QD™ Proofing System is the very first system that is fully portable and utility free so it is not locked in the ink room. Carry it to the press and dial in your ink!

  • Constant press loading
  • Portable: No utilities needed
  • Magnetic loaded Doctor Blade
  • Hard Coating on all surfaces
  • Quick Change Anilox Rollers
  • Stacked Anilox to Rubber Roller
  • Solid handle without spring
  • Snap in Blade Holder
  • It features a snap and a magnetic loaded doctor blade.
  • Easy changing of Anilox Rollers.
  • Interchangeable Anilox and Rubber Rolls.


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