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CC 5000 hechtingstester (curve)
conform DIN EN ISO 2409

Prijslijst (pdf, 158 kB)

The model CC 5000-CURVE can be applied on curved and uneven surfaces
e.g car mirror housings or pipes (min. 1½ “).

Avaialbale kits:

Hechtingstester CC 5000-1 webshop conform to DIN EN ISO: 
blade distance 6 x 1 mm (0-60 µm)

Hechtingstester CC 5000-2 webshop conform to DIN EN ISO: 
blade distance 6 x 2 mm (60 -120 µm)

Hechtingstester  CC 5000-1.5webshop Equivalent to Daimler                                                             blade distance 6 x 1,5 mm

Hechtingstester  CC 5000-1.0 webshop according to ASTM D
blade distance 11 x 1.0 mm  (0-60 µm)


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