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PosiSoft 4.0 Desktop Software NEW!

The new PosiSoft Desktop Software (Windows / MacOS) has been completely redesigned for 2016. 

New highlights include the ability to generate custom, professional PDF reports and a new Jobs feature
to help consolidate multiple batches into the same report.

Please enter your name and your email on the DeFelsko website and download PosiSoft 4.0 for free.


PosiSoft 3.0 Desktop Software


Desktop application (PC / Mac) for downloading, viewing, printing and storing measurement data
from DeFelsko inspection instruments.


PosiTector PosiTector PosiTest AT
Serial Numbers: 700,000 and greater 600,000 to 699,000 All


 | ZIP
All Models 6000-2, 6000-3,

All Models



All Models



Gage not listed above?

PosiSoft 2.0 (Windows only)
Tihs legacy software is available for older generation models not listed above [download]


PosiSoft 3.0 and 2.0 are designed to co-exist on your Windows based systems.
This is ideal for users who own more than one generations of instruments. 

PosiSoft 2.0 is not available for Mac!

PosiSoft Mobile Manager

PosiSoft Mobile Manager is a discovery tool that searches your local area WiFi network for enabled PosiTector Advanced hand-held inspection instruments.
It provides easy access to PosiSoft Mobile and extends instrument capabilities with features available on your mobile device such as keyboard and camera. [view full details]

PosiSoft Mobile Manager for iOS (iOS 5.0 or higher):   Available on the App Store

PosiSoft Mobile Manager for Android:                              Android_App_bei_Google_play


PosiSoft Desktop Manager (PDM)

PosiSoft Desktop Manager is a Windows based utility application which allows automatic two-way communication (synchronization) between USB connected PosiTector gages and (internet connection required).

Additionally, PDM allows the PosiTector to communicate with our online update server to ensure your gage is always up-to-date with the latest features.

You need this when connecting your PosiTector to a PC to:

  • synchronize PosiTector batches with (via USB cable)
  • update your PosiTector (via USB cable)
  • easily locate all PosiTectors connected to your WiFi network (WiFi connected PosiTector Advanced only)

PDM is compatible with all PosiTector gage bodies with a serial number greater than 700,000.

When installed, PDM runs as a start-up application and resides in the Windows notification area (system tray) of a PC. PDM is a utility used primarily for the functions noted above. It does not download (import) measurements from your gage and does not have any reporting capabilities. If you require such functionality, see our PosiSoft Solutions Overview page.

Download PDM
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