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testo 830-T4 IR thermometer
Fast infrared thermometer

Brochure (pdf, 868 kB)
Price List (pdf, 40 kB)

Fast infrared thermometer special for temperatur measurement at surfaces
with small diameters.
A two-point laser sighting, adjustable limit values, alarm function, contact temperature probe attachable.

  • Small measuring point of 2 mm, distance 25 mm.
  • °C-contact measurement with attachable TC-probe (optional).
  • Backlit display.
  • Audible and optical alarm when limit values are exceeded.
  • Degree of emission adjustable 0,2...1,0 
  • 2-point laser sighting

Technical data:
Measuring range: -25°C - +400°C
testo 830-T4
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