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CX 4 motorized film applicator
motorized film applicator

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This motorized film applicator is always used when equal and exact coatings on different substrates shall be produced. It runs execptionally quiet.

The CX-4 is a basis system for a glass or vacuum plate used as pad for the specimen which will be coated.

The applicator device belonging to the basic unit can be used with all current 4-sided applicator frames and profile rods (with handle) without any problems.

The basic unit possesses fixture for all substrates.

Buy the CX 4 Webshop  in the mtv webshop:

CX 4 motorized film applicator webshop 

Dimensions (L x W x H): 60 x 45 x 24 cm

Drawing area (L x W): variable - max. 420 mm x 350 mm

Max. application length: 415 mm

Drawing speed: 10 mm/s - 110 mm/s infinitely variable

  • Glass plate
  • Vacuum plate
  • Printing blanket

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