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VAR levelling and sag tester
According to ASTM D 2801, ASTM D 4400, DIN 55 677

Price List (pdf, 234 kB)

Simple and based on reality testing of levelling and sagging performance of paint, lacquer and similar materials.

Available models:

Leveling and sag test VAR according to ASTM
Drawing blade levelling test: 5 pairs of gaps with a gap width of 1,6 mm.
The gap heights: each 2 x 250, 500, 1000, 2000 und 4000 µm
Drawing blade sag test: 10 gaps with increasing gap height from 75 - 300 µm in 25 µm steps. Gap width: 6,4 mm. Distance between the gaps: 1,6 mm.

Sag test VAR according to DIN 55 677
At the four drawing blades of the film applicator are 24 gaps in total. The gaps are 10mm wide and have a distance of 2 mm.
Gap heights: 75 bis 1300 µm.
Thickness of drawing blade: 3 mm (not according to norm)

Individual applicator systems based on your specifications are available on request.

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