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Sugitoh measuring microscope

Price List (pdf, 252 kB)

High-end portable surface measuring microscope with cross line scale.

For direct attachment on the surface.

Focusable with tempered glass lenses. 

Bright illumination for an optimum of visibility.

Technical data:
Lenght: 145 - 170 mm
Diameter: 40 mm

Available models:

Warm light source:
Sugitoh TS-7LE-20      (20x magnification)
Sugitoh TS-7LE-50      (50x magnification)
Sugitoh TS-7LE-100  (100x magnification)

Cold light source (LED): 
Sugitoh TS-8LEN-20      (20x magnification)
Sugitoh TS-8LEN-50      (50x magnification)
Sugitoh TS-8LEN-100  (100x magnification)

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